We have our good days, our bad days and our really bad days when we are in the hospital or feeling particularly terrible.

We are all so glad Christmas was a good day. We always try to make the most of special occasions and birthdays, especially because the kids get so excited about things. It gives us something to look forward to. However, we have to try to balance the possibility of being sick or being in the hospital on a special day. So we also have to play down a bit those special days. It is very difficult to plan things. Is this going to fall on our good week?

Regular days are sometimes difficult to plan too. Mia may be up to a quiet day with a friend or just some movie time. Andrew, on the other hand, has had quite enough of quiet time and wants to play play play! We have to keep him occupied and interested too. And again, we try to do something a little special each day, even if it is just a regular day. We can do a small project or have a Valentine party (yes we did!) We can have a picnic dinner on the floor or have a make-your-own-pizza dinner. (Both kids love to cook). We can have family game night or family movie night. Even on a really bad day, we can watch a new DVD or get a little gift to help feel better. Of course, every day is filled with extra hugs and kisses and snuggles.

Each day is special and each day is heartache. Each day is precious. How many more Christmases will we have?

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