I love being Mia's mother. She is the most wonderful girl in the world. She amazes me every day. I love smelling her skin, I love feeling her hand in mine, I love looking into her big brown eyes and I love hearing her say "I love you, Mommy." If this whole thing has brought us closer and given us more time together, then I'll take every minute.

I want to comfort her through all the hard times and I want to be there for all the great times. I want to be there for homework and fashion crisis and prom and driving and graduation. She deserves to do all that. I want to polish her nails and buy her things and give her a good night kiss every day.

She is so much like me, whether or not that is a good thing! From our love of school and art to our being bossy big sisters. We are two peas in a pod. We do things the same way, we look like each other, we like the same things. We love doing our girly things together and having our time when it is just us two. We have such a bond.

Of course, I love my little Andrew, too. He is the best little boy. I want to be there for him too, in every way possible. We will get him through this too. I love being his mother too.

From 1/26/07 - "Dear Mom, I'm thankful when you come to the hospital with me. I love doing art projects with you because it's very fun! I wish for you and me to snuggle all day. I notice how happy you are when I come home from school. I'll always remember when ever you comfort me. I love you and Andrew and Daddy. Love, MIA."

I wish for me and you to snuggle all day too, my baby. I love being her mother.

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