I see the world differently since this all began.

While other kids are running around having fun outside, I see missed birthday parties.

While Andrew is growing by leaps and bounds, I see him ready to pass Mia by soon.

While my silly magazine talks about loving your life, I see my life full of desperation and worry.

While life and death seem to be trivialized in today's world, I see my daughter cry her eyes out when Stitch almost dies in a kid's movie.

While we sit in a movie theater and watch a commercial for St. Jude's, I see myself wanting to cover her eyes and ears so she doesn?t have to know.

While I may smile on the outside, I see my tears on the inside.

While people may have their philosophies about life and God, I see that my beliefs may be a little different now.

While we think our lives are blessed and we have all we could ever want, I see that it can change in an instant.

While there are so many bad things in the world, I see two children who are perfect and beautiful and who are loved more than life itself.

Mia's Updates

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Family News

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