Perfect is the brilliance of a flawlessly cut diamond as it sparkles in the sunlight.
Perfect are the stars that light up the dark night sky.
Perfect are the soft dewy petals of the fragrant rose.
Perfect is our Mia.

Perfect even before she was born! Pregnant on the first try – of course that was after months of temperature taking and careful planning and star-gazing!
Perfect pregnancy of feeling great even after working 36-hour shifts during residency.
Perfect delivery. Only four pushes (Andrew was three – sorry mommies) and it only hurt a little. Really.
The perfect gift from a perfect love, a love that from early on was meant to be forever.
Perfect how a tiny part of two can form one perfect little baby.
Perfect big brown eyes, perfect chubby cheeks, perfect smile.
Perfect first grandchild.
Perfectly loved by the entire family who awaited her arrival with so much joy.
Perfect development - growing, walking, talking – more quickly than we could keep track but still we enjoyed every second.
Perfect radiant personality, outshining everyone else the moment she steps into the room.
Perfect in the eyes of everyone who meets her, for the first time or the thousandth.
Perfect beauty. Astonishing really.
Perfect big sister, loving her baby brother so much. Of course it is easy when you have the perfect little brother!
Perfect student, working hard and accomplishing some perfectly amazing things.
Perfect ambition, she has so many plans.
Perfect strength, perfect bravery, perfect grace.
Perfect heart, so caring and kind and loving.

Perfect daughter.
Perfect family.
Perfect lives.

Mia's Updates

Learn about what an inspiration Mia has been and the incredible strength she has shown during her treatment.

Family News

Our family has kept us strong during this time of trouble. Here we share what our lives are like while we help Mia battle her cancer.


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