Why? Why? Why? Why?

Too many chicken nuggets and hot dogs? Not enough vitamin C? Too much use of glass cleaner in the house? Not enough illnesses in her life to boost her immunity? The wrong feng shui? We will never know the reason why.

We can only feel the anger and despair of how this could happen to the most perfect girl in the world - the most perfect, most blessed, most beautiful, smartest, most wonderful Mia. She is not only our Mia, but everyone’s Mia. She is so special in the lives of everyone she has touched, since the moment she was born. She is truly a shining star, a golden child.

Mia is much too special to be going through all this. I asked a friend what this child has done to deserve this. She said, “Only be the sweetest girl in the world.”

Maybe there is a greater purpose to this – that God has a plan. Maybe God just made a mistake on this one. But God will help her get better. The doctors will help her get better. All of us will help her get better. Mia has to get better.

We will never know the reason why.

Mia's Updates

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