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It has been over three years. Our baby and our family have been going through this for more than three years. It is unbelievable that Mia is still smiling and happy. It is unbelievable that she still has energy to go to school and play with friends. It is unbelievable that we seem to win the battles but we can't seem to win the war. We will keep fighting, though.


There will be no more butterflies, hearts or rainbows. There will be no more sunshine.


In lieu of flowers, please feel free to make donations to the following in Mia’s name:


I still can't believe that our Mia is gone. It seems like only yesterday that we still held her. We will never look into those beautiful big brown eyes again. We will never hold those soft little hands again. We will never see that bright smile or hear that big belly laugh. We will even miss the little things like her little mannerisms and little things she said and did. The sadness is so deep that there are no words to describe it. It is so much more that just missing her. It is everything that she did, everything that she touched, everything that she made, everything that she was and everything that she could have been.


Have we really lived a year without our beautiful sweet Mia girl? It seems like forever and it seems like yesterday. Some people say that after the first year things get better. We just have to make it through all the “firsts” without her: first birthday, first day of school, first Christmas. But it is not just the first birthday, first day of school, the first Christmas without her. It is every birthday, every first day of school, every Christmas. Every day.


Mia would have been twelve years old this year. How tall and beautiful she would be! I can almost picture her in my mind and yet, I can't. She will have been gone for three years. How can that be - I know I have to stop torturing myself and just stop counting. One minute without her is too much.

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