It came back. Oh God, it came back.

Another year of chemotherapy. Another year of throwing up and feeling terrible and tons of medicines. Another year of not being able to sit at the dinner table as a family because the sight and smell of food is to nauseating. Another year of being exhausted and not being able to run around outside and play. Another year of worry and worry and worry.

They tried to prepare us for the high probability that the cancer would return, actually it never really was gone. After all that she went through it was still there somewhere in her beautiful, perfect body. It is even more scary the second time around if that is at all possible.

The gravity of our situation is terrifying. This cancer is extremely mean. They need to use stronger and more toxic chemo this time. And her body is already so weakened by the havoc her treatment has already wreaked. She doesn't have as much reserve to rally back after each treatment. They are also extremely concerned about her lung problem, which no one really seems to know what it is. It most likely is some kind of chronic bronchitis that has severely reduced her lung functioning. Any kind of respiratory illness may be life threatening. Any kind of other illness may be life threatening. Her cancer is life threatening.

Mia’s spirit is still strong though. Even though she is “bummed out” by this whole thing, she still has smiles, she still has love, she still has goodness. And she still has everyone’s love and prayers to get her through this. And we do too.

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