Mia has been feeling great this summer! Off chemo since March, she has had a chance to get stronger and more active. Also her eyelashes and eyebrows have returned to her beautiful face and now she has lots of dark fuzzy hair!

We were supposed to be doing chemo this summer, however, as a precaution. They held off on the chemo due to her lung problem. Since there has been no active disease on her scans for a while, they said it is okay to hold chemo until we figure out what has happened to her lungs. She has no lung symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath, it just sounds terrible when you listen with a stethoscope. They are not sure if this is from infection or a side effect from treatment.

Therefore, it was decided she needed a lung biopsy to help figure out what is going on. Although we were very worried about the surgery, she did fantastic in her usual Mia fashion. It was done with a scope and she went home the same day. She felt well enough to play with friends the next day! We even have pictures of inside her! The results showed nothing bad but nothing very helpful either. So we still don’t know what this is from. She has been on anti-infective medicine for 6 months.

So still it is a wait and see game as to what happens next. There really is no plan. We’re just so glad she has been feeling so well.

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