Once again Mia has been feeling wonderfully! She has plenty of energy and is doing many active things that she hasn’t done for the last year. She is smiley all the time and is eating well. All this is probably because we have been off chemotherapy since March.

When we started her first week of chemo in March, Mia had some crackles and wheezes in her lungs. Since a chest x-ray was negative, they felt it was just due to a viral illness instead of pneumonia and it was okay to go ahead with the chemo. Well, the chemo made her feel terrible as chemo only can, maybe even more so. She barely ate or drank for a couple of weeks and hardly spoke and certainly never smiled during that time. Her white blood cell count was suppressed for much longer than expected and we ended up in the hospital when she got a fever. Since her lungs were still crackly and wheezy, the fever was blamed on pneumonia and she was placed on antibiotics and antifungals. She has been on those medicines ever since.

Although Mia is back to feeling fantastic, her chemotherapy has been on hold until her lungs clear up, which they haven’t. Five chest x-rays have been normal, but CT scans are showing that there are some changes in her lungs and possibly in her kidneys, which may represent a fungal infection. There has been improvement, however, and she has been completely symptom free with no cough or shortness of breath.

So, three months later with no chemotherapy and some new specialists that we have not needed to see before, we are still waiting…and worrying. Why isn’t this clearing up and what else can we do? In the big picture, Mia needs her chemotherapy. To figure out what is going on, they may eventually need to do a lung biopsy, which is a very, very big deal.

While we have been enjoying her feeling so well, we are still worried every day.

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