Mia has still been feeling very well. She is happy and playful and beautiful. We have somewhat of a new routine whereas she has not been needing as many transfusions. We still see the doctor weekly with hospital visits every third week for chemotherapy. However, for the last two rounds of chemo, we have not had to be hospitalized again for blood or platelet transfusions. In addition, we have not needed a platelet transfusion for quite some time. Each week is different though, so we still need to check her counts to see if a transfusion is required.

We have recently finished another reevaluation period. The oncologist was just going to do an MRI, but the results of that prompted further tests. The MRI was concerning in that more of her bone marrow appeared abnormal, possibly indicating metastases. The soft tissue tumors seemed to be gone, though. The oncologist reassured us that the marrow changes were most likely related to the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, especially in light of how well Mia has been responding to treatment so far. We did other tests make sure that this was the case. After another bone scan, our first PET scan, and another bone marrow biopsy (which showed no malignant cells), it seems that the MRI changes in the marrow do not represent active tumor at this time. That news was very reassuring after several weeks of tears, nail biting and intense prayer.

After our last hospital visit yesterday for chemo, we told Mia that there are only three more hospital chemotherapy visits left. The last will be at the end of January with another reevaluation afterward. We are currently discussing treatment options that may continue past the standard 44 week protocol which may help to ensure that any remaining cancer cells are destroyed.

The battle continues on a cellular level now – every last one.

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