Things have been pretty quiet on the medical front for us. Hopefully that is a good thing. Mia has been still in hospital every third week for her big chemotherapy with weekly visits to the oncologist. She has been tolerating the chemo as well as can be expected with the usual nausea and exhaustion. She also hasn't needed as many blood or platelet transfusions the week after chemo. She has otherwise been feeling just fine and hasn't missed a day of school, except for weekly appointments.

Mia’s last bone marrow biopsy showed that the marrow is now clear of tumor cells, which was very reassuring. She should have another reevaluation in the next month or so, probably with just an MRI to see where the skull tumor is. We’re praying that it won’t be there at all. She sees the orthopedic surgeon this week for her back. If the second spinal fracture is healed then maybe she may be able to get rid of the back brace. She certainly has no pain and seems to be moving around very well. She doesn’t remember the intense pain she had for almost two months in the beginning. Isn’t the mind a wonderful thing? (Well, Mia’s mind is doing fine, if we can just get mommy’s to behave and stop thinking scary things!)

At her last eye exam things are still slowly improving but her eye movements still aren’t quite back to normal yet. The ophthalmologist and neurologist are optimistic, though. Mia still also walks with a limp. It seems that the left leg where she had the biopsy is fine. The right leg, however has developed some stiffness from compensating. We think that will improve with physical therapy at school and at home.

We may start seeing some long term effects of the radiation soon, as has been mentioned before. The radiation basically has destroyed her thyroid and pituitary glands, so her body cannot produce several important hormones. The endocrinologist reassures us that just regular doses of replacement hormones will take care of these deficiencies. We haven’t needed to start any just yet.

So, Mia’s weekly routine still keeps us busy but luckily there have been no complications. We are just over the halfway point in her chemotherapy schedule and the weeks seem to go by faster now. Not too fast, though! We want to make sure we get every drop! Each drop is closer to a cure.

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