Mia started back on chemotherapy about a month ago and she was tolerating it very well. She has also started back on radiation therapy, this time to her leg. The cancer has returned in several spots all over her body. We are in consultation with the expert in Chicago, who has been very helpful and caring, while we are still receiving treatments with her regular doctors at Lutheran General. This helps to keep things familiar and comfortable for Mia.

The rhabdomyosarcoma doctor at Children’s Memorial has several options available to us. None, however, are considered a cure. They may work for a time, how long or short we don’t know. We may find our miracle in some of these investigational drugs, which we may try when she is strong enough and when we meet the criteria. We hope to God that we do find it. So far the known treatments have not worked. I am in contact with other places, and they seem to be doing similar things, even at St. Jude’s. The current plan is to keep her feeling good for as long as we can.

Then, things went from bad to worse. After starting treatment, we noticed a problem with her eye again. After a brain MRI, we found that there is a large tumor in her left frontal brain that is pushing the brain out of place. According to the doctors, we need to remove this so that Mia doesn’t suffer side effects. We are scheduled for a major neurosurgical operation on Valentines Day. Complications may include seizure, meningitis, and stroke among other things, and due to its location, excision may cause permanent right sided muscle weakness. We have tried to prepare Mia as well as possible. She has accepted things in her usual amazing Mia fashion.

Although the surgery is very scary, what is more scary is that this cancer is not going away. We need our miracle. This cancer may not be giving up, but neither are we.

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