Our New Year tidings are not happy ones. The cancer is back, bigger and badder than before. And we are running out of time…and options.

Mia has already been through two separate year-long chemotherapy regimens, both of which have been shown to be effective in treating rhabdomyosarcoma. We may not have many chemo options left, since the cancer seems to be resistant to the recommended regimens. We may be left with experimental drugs of uncertain proven efficacy. In addition, her body is still not ready for chemo. Her bone marrow has been so used up that her platelets are still too low for chemo. The last two doses of chemo this summer made her so sick that we almost lost her then. I am terrified of the next dose of chemo.

I’m not even sure if she can get any more radiation. She has had so much already. Our next step is to speak with the rhabdo doctor at Children’s Memorial in Chicago to see if there are any choices available to us. Our doctors at Lutheran General have no more options for us. We have to decide quickly though because this beast has shown itself to be very aggressive and very stubborn. The gravity of our situation is overwhelming.

Luckily Mia still is feeling well and is so happy that her hair is growing back. We haven’t the heart to tell her that it may fall out again, that we need to go to the hospital again, and that she will be so so sick again. She has been so happy and everyone comments on how well she looks. We would never have known that this demon has crept back inside her. Please pray that this evil thing will not take my brave beautiful baby away.

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