Once again things are slightly chaotic. The important thing is that Mia has been feeling well and has missed very little school. This is because she has been off chemo since August. Whether that is a good thing or not is another story.

She was terribly ill in the intensive care unit just before school started. We were actually dreading the next dose of chemo because she was getting sicker with each dose. Also, it was taking her longer to recover each time. So the doctors decided to end chemo early. Needless to say, we were a bit panicked by this. The idea is to give chemo fast and furious, just allowing the body to recover enough before the next dose. The doctors were worried that waiting too long between doses would not help treat her cancer and may cause more of the toxic side effects, including a secondary leukemia.

She received a total of 45 out of 50 doses and had this new area radiated as well. The spot that is left went from “miniscule” to “barely perceptible” but it is still there. The doctors believe that it is inactive at this time and we are anxiously awaiting the results of a scan done last week. If the scan is good, we plan on going to NJ for Thanksgiving and to Canada for Christmas. If the scan is not good, we won’t be going anywhere. And if she needs more chemo and her body is not ready for it, God knows what we are going to do. We just want it gone. Completely and forever.

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