This has been a very trying summer this year. In June we were in and out of the hospital, then we had radiation for most of July, and back on chemo now in August.

The worst was the very last day of school. Mia got on the bus all smiles and they called me an hour later saying she was sick. We went straight to the hospital where she was found to have sepsis. Sepsis is where there are bacteria in the bloodstream and it can make you extremely sick. When you have barely any white blood cells to fight it, it can be deadly. This is what these kids can die from. Aside from the cancer itself, this is one of the things they worry about the most. Luckily, she received immediate and appropriate treatment and responded wonderfully. We are still shaken from that experience.

Then it was the usual – back in the hospital when she recovered in order to get more chemo, home, then back again the following week when she was ill from chemo requiring transfusions and monitoring.

During all this we started radiation therapy again. Mia has had the maximum amount of cranial and spinal radiation, but this time she had her left hip treated. This was five weeks of treatment, five days a week. After a while it was a little tiresome but Mia was always smiles with no complaints. She did very well, having no side effects. However, in usual fashion, just when we seem to get ahead, we get knocked back down again. She developed a very large burn area from the radiation, that luckily didn't really hurt. It did though keep her from swimming for the next month and kept her from getting any chemo for about seven weeks. It is just about healed now and as I am sitting here writing this, the nurse is here giving her chemo.

It is difficult waiting so long for chemotherapy, even waiting four or five weeks instead of the usual three. You don’t really want chemo because she feels so lousy with it, but you know she really needs it. Last time she cleared more quickly and it still came back. I believe that her rhabdomyosarcoma is extremely stubborn and very very mean. All that she is going through just has to work.

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