We thought we would get some hold on our lives by planning things in our three week intervals – our chemo week, our bad week, and our good week. But the one thing we could count on was that we can’t plan for anything. Luckily Mia has been feeling reasonably well for all of our fun spring activities. Some days were better than others, but we expect that.

The biggest disruption to our schedule is that Mia’s body is just exhausted from all the chemotherapy and it is taking her longer than our three weeks to recover. While she had been feeling okay, her white blood cell count and her platelet count are sluggish in returning to a level where she can get chemo again. The good part about this is that she has more good days. The bad part is that we have more frequent doctor visits to see if her counts are good enough for chemo. Also, the entire treatment process will be extended even more, and the longer we wait between chemo, the longer the cancer has a chance to get stronger in between doses.

While the cancer does seem to be shrinking, there are still some spots remaining. What started as a few 1cm nodules in the hips and pelvis area, are now “miniscule” as seen by the eye of the CT scanner. The first time around, however, the larger tumors of her back and skull were gone by this point in treatment. We are going to try radiation therapy again to eradicate what small tumors are left.

Mia doesn't know yet and it will be difficult to tell her. It means for 5 weeks of treatments, 5 days a week. This summer will be really difficult compared to the great summer she had last year off treatment. At least we will have enjoyed our spring this year and we will have fun memories from Disney to last us through the summer.

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