The great procrastinator is back. Please be reassured that no news is fairly good news. Mia once again seems to be responding to the chemotherapy, which she receives every three weeks. Our life schedule is now in three week intervals.

The first week is chemo week. This is where we have immediate side effects of the chemotherapy such as nausea, esophagitis, aches and pains and just feeling terrible in general. Mia said that she can feel the chemo inside and it feels icky. She’ll cry “owie, owie” but when we ask what hurts she says she doesn’t know.

The second week is usually her bad week when her blood counts start to drop. When her red blood cell count drops, she feels weak and tired and can barely climb the stairs. When her platelet count drops, she bleeds from her daily injections and can have wicked nose bleeds or a life-threatening bleed if she had a head injury. When her white blood cell count drops, she is at risk for a life-threatening infection, even from a simple virus.

So far she has needed blood transfusions each round and several platelet transfusions. Her daily injections of Neupogen help to raise her white blood cell count. She has had a few fevers during this week which involves a two day hospital stay to be sure she doesn’t have a serious infection. Luckily since Thanksgiving, we haven’t had to be back to the hospital for fevers.

The third week is Mia’s good week. She starts to feel much better and we can plan to do fun family things. This week she needs to get stronger so she can tolerate being slammed by chemo the following week.

We will need to continue chemo at least until August, and the doctors may decide to add on a few more months afterwards. We’ll do whatever it takes and beyond.

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