Mia's Updates

Mia's Updates

Learn about what an inspiration Mia has been and the incredible strength she has shown during her treatment.


We finished radiation! As of yesterday, Mia completed five weeks of daily radiation to her head, back, and ankle. Although we are glad not to travel to the hospital every day, we will miss the radiation oncology staff, as everyone was exceptionally nice. Mia is, however, experiencing some short-term cumulative effects of the radiation, mostly with nausea and vomiting. She also has some esophageal irritation and skin irritation. We hope most of these will improve over the next week or two. There are some long-term effects too, for which we will be looking out.


Sorry for the delay in updates. We wanted to be sure everyone had a chance to see the website before changing things. We’ll try to have our next updates around the end of September.


Things have been pretty quiet on the medical front for us. Hopefully that is a good thing. Mia has been still in hospital every third week for her big chemotherapy with weekly visits to the oncologist. She has been tolerating the chemo as well as can be expected with the usual nausea and exhaustion. She also hasn't needed as many blood or platelet transfusions the week after chemo. She has otherwise been feeling just fine and hasn't missed a day of school, except for weekly appointments.


Mia has still been feeling very well. She is happy and playful and beautiful. We have somewhat of a new routine whereas she has not been needing as many transfusions. We still see the doctor weekly with hospital visits every third week for chemotherapy. However, for the last two rounds of chemo, we have not had to be hospitalized again for blood or platelet transfusions. In addition, we have not needed a platelet transfusion for quite some time. Each week is different though, so we still need to check her counts to see if a transfusion is required.


Just a very brief update, as I am late in relaying our news, as usual! Mia will continue with her chemotherapy until the end of January, when she will have another evaluation. She continues to feel great and the doctors are very pleased with how she is doing. We are not out of the woods yet, but perhaps we can see a clearing through the trees.


Many of you are correct in your assumption that no news is good news. Mia has been feeling well and happy and wonderful.


Once again Mia has been feeling wonderfully! She has plenty of energy and is doing many active things that she hasn’t done for the last year. She is smiley all the time and is eating well. All this is probably because we have been off chemotherapy since March.


Mia has been feeling great this summer! Off chemo since March, she has had a chance to get stronger and more active. Also her eyelashes and eyebrows have returned to her beautiful face and now she has lots of dark fuzzy hair!


It came back. Oh God, it came back.


The great procrastinator is back. Please be reassured that no news is fairly good news. Mia once again seems to be responding to the chemotherapy, which she receives every three weeks. Our life schedule is now in three week intervals.


We thought we would get some hold on our lives by planning things in our three week intervals – our chemo week, our bad week, and our good week. But the one thing we could count on was that we can’t plan for anything. Luckily Mia has been feeling reasonably well for all of our fun spring activities. Some days were better than others, but we expect that.


This has been a very trying summer this year. In June we were in and out of the hospital, then we had radiation for most of July, and back on chemo now in August.


Once again things are slightly chaotic. The important thing is that Mia has been feeling well and has missed very little school. This is because she has been off chemo since August. Whether that is a good thing or not is another story.


Our New Year tidings are not happy ones. The cancer is back, bigger and badder than before. And we are running out of time…and options.


Mia started back on chemotherapy about a month ago and she was tolerating it very well. She has also started back on radiation therapy, this time to her leg. The cancer has returned in several spots all over her body. We are in consultation with the expert in Chicago, who has been very helpful and caring, while we are still receiving treatments with her regular doctors at Lutheran General. This helps to keep things familiar and comfortable for Mia.

Mia's Updates

Learn about what an inspiration Mia has been and the incredible strength she has shown during her treatment.

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