Well, what can we say? We are back in the routine of doctor visits, chemotherapy, vomiting and feeling terrible overall, and hospitalizations.

Mia seems to be handling things in her usual amazing Mia fashion. She didn't want to lose her hair again or go through this again. None of us did.

She at least was able to enjoy second grade for September, but she has missed much of school since then. Most days she is just too weak to go, but she still loves school and misses her wonderful teacher (Hi Mrs. Slowinski!) and her fantastic classmates.

We attempted to make Halloween as fun as possible. Mia really wanted to enjoy it but it was such an effort to get dressed and go out when all she felt like doing was sleeping. We did have our “royal coach” for the fairy princess, so she trick-or-treated in style. Andrew was and extremely cute Bob the Builder and he seemed to understand a little more about the whole Halloween thing.

Andrew also seems to understand a little more about what is going on with Mia, now that he is a little older. It seems to be affecting him a bit, but we are trying to make things as normal and as fun for him. Although, it is difficult for us to play when all we want to do is cry sometimes. We are doing our best, though, and luckily he is such a good boy (and extremely cute, too!)

Right now things are just one day at a time. We can’t plan and that’s okay. We just do what we have to do to live life and be a family.

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