It has been a good summer.

The kids have been playing so nicely together and with their friends. Mia even made a new friend the day after her surgery! We had a couple of fun days at Crystal Lake and at Six Flags Great America. Andrew and Mia surprised us at how many rides they went on!

We had a wonderful trip to New Jersey in July! We loved seeing our family and friends who we miss so much! Next we hope to visit our family in Canada and see our soon-to-arrive new cousin!

We also had a very important, very big, very fun Big Boy 4 year-old birthday! Andrew has been wishing for a Chuck E. Cheese’s party for the last eleven months! So we went and he and all of his friends had a great time! Mommy and Daddy and Mama and Papa got a kick out of it as well. He got a lot of Rescue Heroes and a new big boy bike and a Jeep, in addition to a new big boy room! He was so excited and, of course, so very cute!

Mia just started second grade. She is in a multi-age class so she has the same teacher. We just adore Mrs. Slowinski! The school has been so supportive and Mia loves to go every day! Andrew is now in the preschool program at our day care.

I can’t believe the summer is over already. It has been a very good summer.

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