I can’t believe school is out already! Mia is now officially a second grader! She just loved school this year and made some wonderful friends.

Mia was in the hospital for a week over Easter, recovering from the effects of chemotherapy. The Easter Bunny did come to the hospital, and to our house of course. While Mia had an Easter egg hunt at the hospital, Andrew was having his own at home. He was saving his eggs for Mia and he couldn’t wait to go to the hospital and give them to her. We had an Easter Incredibles picnic party at the hospital with Grandma and Grandad.

When Mia was out of the hospital and feeling better, we decided to have her birthday party early, because we weren’t sure when they would start chemo again. Her seven year old birthday party was fantastic! ! It was a “Spirit – Stallion of the Cimarron” party with pin the tail on the stallion, horseshoe making, horse sculpture painting and a very elaborate cake with mountains, waterfalls and Spirit running across the plain. Mia and her friends had a wonderful time! So did Mama and Papa!

Andrew has been patiently waiting for his Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. He has been talking about it constantly for the last 8 months or so! More since Mia’s party. He actually talks constantly about everything since his tubes were done in February. The kid really has a lot to say! He is still the cutest boy in the world. Since Mia has received so many gifts over the last year – we want to try to make Andrew’s birthday really special this year. He has been so good.

Andrew has been doing fine at the daycare. He has been in the preschool program and hopefully after he turns four he will have more interest in books and writing. He really enjoys playing on the computer, and that’s where we usually find him when we come to pick him up. He is a very social little guy and has a lot of great friends.

If Mia’s treatment schedule remains light, we really hope to make it out to New Jersey the week of July 10. We miss all our family and friends so much. If we do come though, please NO presents! The kids really have enough!

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