Here it is Ali Meihls! Finally! Is it March already? I can’t believe that since the last update we have passed the holiday season, a milestone in Mia’s care, Mom starting work again, and yes, surgery for Andrew.

We had a lovely holiday this year – cozy and warm and relaxing with good food and great visits from all our grandparents. Mia just loved preparing for Christmas. She couldn’t wait to have a fire in the fireplace, decorate the tree, do her own shopping at the mall (there’s a little Jersey girl left there!), and bake cookies and cookies and more cookies! This was Andrew’s first year to really “get” the whole Christmas thing, as long as Santa got to cross swords with Peter Pan and Captain Hook! When Santa asked him what he would like for Christmas, Andrew’s reply was, “Umm, treats!”

We were also preparing for the end of Mia’s first phase of chemotherapy, as we had become entrenched in a routine. However, we also had to be flexible enough to always have a packed suitcase in the car, just in case. When Mia was in the hospital in January, her whole wonderful class wrote beautiful get well cards. When he went to visit her, Andrew said that he was going to rescue her to take her home. Now we will have to get used to a new routine. It was very nice the last several weeks not to have a routine at all, just to enjoy being a family and playing with friends.

Since the holidays, Mom has been back at work…and has been sick ever since! Welcome to cold and flu season! Even though it is only two days a week, it is still busy. But I guess it is better than sitting home all day stress eating. Actually, it has been so nice to see old patients again whose concern has been so touching. Michael has been holding down the fort, working and coming home for Mia’s bus on Mom’s work days. Of course, the kids always seem to get sick on Mom’s work days and Daddy has had to work from home more than planned. Thank you for being so understanding Takasago friends!

We have procrastinated a year in having Andrew’s ear tubes and adenoids done because we have been a little sidetracked. Luckily he has been well without ear infections, just a little middle ear fluid which didn’t affect hearing too much. It was good that we waited though, because he outgrew the need for having his tonsils out as well! We planned the surgery during Mia’s time off, because I don’t think we could have handled everything at once. Andrew did just fine except he had trouble sleeping for a week after! Mom and Dad were exhausted! At least Andrew seemed happy enough!

Now we are getting ready for the Easter holiday and starting to think about a big seven year old birthday! But for the most part, we are still taking one day at a time.

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