Mia and Andrew had a fantastic Halloween, even though two days before Mia had a bone marrow biopsy. She walked 10 houses down the street and 10 houses back up the street, not wanting any help. I think Andrew was more tired than she was, after a while he couldn’t even carry his pumpkin full of treats! They were dressed as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story 2 and they both looked adorable (photos to follow). Mia even has a sweet tooth back (although it is almost ready to fall out)! She has not wanted any sweets since February until just recently. It seemed to have started with a delicious, still warm, melt-in-your-mouth apple cider doughnut from the pumpkin patch. She savored the whole thing and we have since been to many other pumpkin patches.

Sweets usually aren’t a problem for Andrew, though. Andrew has been making great strides himself and has been sleeping in his big boy bed this week. It seems to be working out so far. Now if we could just poop on the potty! He is continuing to speak very well with complex sentences. He loves imaginative play and can play by himself for a time. Usually though, he is nonstop and very busy. He has quite a sense of humor and is very loveable and snuggly. He can tell that Mia is feeling better so he is of course doing some limit testing with her as all little brothers do. (Right Uncle Mikey!)

As mentioned before, Mia has been feeling just great and she is very happy. She is feeling so well that she asked us to start up her swim lessons again. Both kids have also been busy with friends and birthday parties. School for both is going well and both schools have been an amazing source of support and caring. Friends and neighbors also have been so strong for us in prayer and friendship.

Michael was in Japan for ten days in October for a business meeting at the head office and also for a wedding! Michael’s cousin Mark from Scotland has been living in Japan for several years, and his wedding to Kayo happened to coincide with Michael’s work visit.

The whole family has some travel plans for after Thanksgiving. We are going to Disney World! Mia is a Make-a-Wish kid and her wish was to take Andrew to Disney. Lucky for Mom and Dad that we get to go too! We are starting to get excited and are looking forward to a wonderful trip! New updates and pictures upon our return!

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