“I not sree years old, I sree.” So says our big boy Andrew. He had a wonderful Bob the Builder three year old birthday party. Lots of his friends were there, along with a rock hunt, treasure rocks, chocolate rocks and a big dump truck cake. It was a lot of fun and Mia loved helping to get everything ready, even starting a couple of weeks before.

Now that he is three, Andrew is going through a lot of changes. He is now in the preschool room at daycare with Ms. Connie and Ms. Mo. He is potty training – trying to anyway! We had to stop the booboo (pacifier) cold turkey, and the dentist agreed with that after his first checkup. He seems to be adjusting somewhat to everything going on with Mia and we try to give him his extra special time with us. He is trying to get a little tough and bossy at times, but does it with a little smirk. Andrew is a bright, smiley, giggly, loveable little guy.

His big sister Mia just LOVES first grade. Her teacher, Mrs. Slowinski, is wonderful and Mia has made many new friends. The principal and the whole school have been so caring and concerned, and they have made this new transition much easier for all of us. Everyone is taking care of Mia from the minute the bus picks her up from our doorstep, to the moment she comes home. They have all been so good for us. Mia is doing very well there and has so much to tell us each day. She hasn’t missed a day except for regular doctor visits, and she stays at school the full day too, sometimes with a little nap at the nurse’s office. She doesn’t like to miss any of her school day though!

Now that Mia is feeling much better and getting stronger, we are starting to think about her wish. She is a Make a Wish kid and she already told her Wish Granters that her wish is to go to Walt Disney World. We missed our scheduled holiday there (for Papa’s retirement) in April when she was still undergoing radiation. We tried to tell her that she could wish to do anything, be anyone, or go anywhere for her wish, but she wanted Disney. She said that it is also a wish for Andrew since he has never been there.

Adrienne and Michael are keeping busy and have finally finished the basement, which was started before Mia became ill. It looks great and will hopefully be the site for many a get-together. Michael will be going to Japan in October for business and also a wedding! It should be a unique trip. We should be getting school pictures back soon, and we will have Halloween pictures on the next update. Again, much love to all of you and thank you for your prayers.

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