This has been a very busy year for us, as keeping busy helps keep us from noticing our broken hearts as much. Maybe. We have been occupying ourselves with travel and sports and school and friends and family who have been so wonderful.

The Easter Bunny came to Canada where we were visiting with Grandma and Granddad, Uncle Stu, Aunt Sarah and our little cousin Abigail. Andrew enjoyed showing Abby the ropes of the art of Easter egg hunting! We spent time with more family and friends in July at Mama and Papa’s house in NJ. We always have a good time with our big backyard gatherings and it is great to see everyone and catch up. Later in the summer was another trip to Canada, this time to cousin Abigail’s house for a week of many outdoor activities and fun in the sun. Uncle Mikey, Aunt Toni and cousin Matthew visited us at the end of the summer and we did lots of cool boy things like taking in a Cubs game and going to Legoland Chicago.

Speaking of Legoland, we had such fun in California last October, we went back again this year. We surprised Andrew with a couple of days at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure in addition to a revisit to Legoland in Carlsbad. We spent a busy day in San Diego and the weather was perfect. Back to NJ for Thanksgiving to have more visits with family and friends, and of course lots of food. Andrew really loves to play with all his cousins. This Christmas we decided to stay home, and it will be our first Christmas at home without our Mia. She always loved Christmas so, the music, the decorations, making cookies and visiting Santa. Luckily she passed on her enjoyment of the season to Andrew, who is loving all these things too.

Andrew had his seventh birthday party in August with tons of friends at Lazer Tag. It really was exciting and yes, I’ll say it again…Mommy got high score! Must have been beginners luck! Everyone had great fun and ate pizza, soda (I refuse to say “pop” as they call it in the Midwest!) and an Indiana Jones birthday cake! He started second grade this fall and has a brand new teacher who is very nice. We still see Mrs. Slowinski often around school, along with our other wonderful teachers and friends. Andrew seems to really enjoy school just like Mia did. He is now an “old friend” in the mixed class with first and second graders. I’m sure he is setting a very good example for the first graders, when he isn’t giggling too much with his buddies.

Andrew loves his sports and started playing baseball this spring. He took to it like a natural and really seems to understand the game. Of course, this fall was back to soccer with the same team of friends as last year. Now basketball is just beginning and he has really improved from last winter! I’m sure those few extra inches he grew didn’t hurt! He keeps us busy and I have been trying to get in shape to keep up with him! I have also been taking a lot of medical education credits to remain certified and to keep current of new information for when I return to practice. I have been thinking about more offbeat opportunities rather than just regular private practice, but for now I have been still finding projects to do at home and helping out at school when I can. Michael is still playing soccer himself and actually coached Andrew’s team for the first time this year. He really enjoyed the kids who are all awesome. He is looking forward to another year with Takasago, his company that has treated him so well since college! We have also been trying to keep active with our social circle of friends and neighbors who are all very special to us.

Thank all of you for being there for us this year and for being such wonderful friends. We wish all of you a very happy holiday season.

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