At the end of May was Mia’s 6th birthday party. She was very thin and weak from radiation at the time of the party, however, she did not want to postpone the party and enjoyed herself as much as possible. Grandma and Granddad were here and it was a highly successful and fun Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn birthday party. “Splashtacular” was an event at a local pool and water play area, which was organized by Mia’s Kid Rock teacher and the teachers at her school. It was a lot of fun with some really cool prizes and fireworks at night! We were overwhelmed by the gestures of caring and kindness.

We have all been able to enjoy the summer a bit more because Mia has been feeling much better. She has had a break from chemo for a few extra weeks and therefore hasn’t been as sick. We have been to the lake, to the mall, to the movies, to school when we felt like it, and to several birthday parties. It is hard, though to watch the other kids running around, jumping on trampolines and doing cartwheels in the grass, but it doesn’t seem to bother Mia too much. We are trying hard to keep things fun and active. Mama and Papa were here recently for a fun visit, and we all went to the zoo downtown, played mini golf, and went to a local petting zoo.

We are now preparing for Andrew’s third birthday party next month! Three already! This will be his first big party with friends as the last two were spent with family. Mommy got pretty good at girl parties, so a boy party will be a fun and new challenge! He changes his mind as to the theme of the party almost daily, but we are going to stick with a Bob the Builder party. Andrew is quite the character recently, and of course, is still the cutest ever. We have been sending him to day care regularly to keep things relatively normal and predicable for him. He enjoys his teachers and friends and is doing very nicely. He is speaking better each day, loves puzzles, and is engaging in wonderful imaginative play. In the winter, his ear, nose and throat doctor said he would need another set of tubes along with adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. At our last visit he said we may not need to do the surgery after all. We were very happy not to need to put Andrew or ourselves through that.

Daddy and Mommy are busy with daily life, Michael at work and Adrienne still home. We have hospital visits at least once a week, psychology visits weekly and usually one other doctor visit a week. We are both trying to be strong and positive on the outside for the sake of our children. At times it is hard when we don’t feel strong or positive on the inside. But we try our best to continue to have a wonderful and happy home, like we used to. Our family and friends have been such an important part of keeping us strong and we thank you all.

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