After the craziness of the last couple of months, we are just trying to get back to a “normal” routine and to keep the kids happy. Much of that for Mia has been going back to school. I've said it before and I’ll say it again, Mia just loves school! She loves her teachers and her classmates and her helpers and she just loves to learn! She started back to school before I even thought she could, and she has been staying full days!

After all her school has done for us, especially recently, it is no wonder she enjoys it so. I like to go there too! The people at Woods Creek are just phenomenal and we are blessed to have all of them in our lives. Mia’s wonderful class had an early Valentines party just so she could be there, and they turned it into a get well soon party! We were overwhelmed by all the gifts and the cards and all the special things too. We hung up the class quilt with everyone’s picture on our hospital wall and we look through our “happy thoughts” box often. The faculty and staff even remembered Andrew and Mommy and Daddy too. Their incredible generosity and kindness deeply touched our hearts. And there are no words to describe how fantastic Mia’s teacher, Mrs. Kelley, has been. Thank you so, very much to all of you. We didn’t forget, thank you notes are still in process!

Andrew has also been enjoying school and we are amazed at the things he has learned. He can add numbers in his head, and all of a sudden, he is reading! He is more than ready for first grade and he is very excited to ride the bus with Mia. He has many interests and seems quite the renaissance man. He loves music and has quite a few moves, he also loves any sport, cars, and cooking too. Eating seems to be a sport of its own! He is also at the stage where he asks a lot of insightful questions, always keeping us on our toes. Unfortunately he is constantly asking questions while watching a movie or TV, which drives his sister nuts! He is still very cute and loving. He couldn't wait to go to the hospital to visit Mia so he could give her the present he got for her. His class and the daycare also sent some wonderful cards, pictures, gifts and well wishes. We will miss all of you next year!

After getting through the last couple of months we deserve a vacation. So we are going to Disney again! Things are just so happy and fun there! We had to go for the kids and for the grown ups and just to be a family having a good time. We go the end of the month! (even though Mommy isn't quite bathing suit ready just yet! Ugh!)

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