Please forgive us if we do not answer the phone or return your calls. Some days we just don’t feel like talking. But we know that you are there for us and that you care and that we have your prayers. Thank you so much for all of that. We know that through all this we have been blessed to have so many of you with us.

We are doing the best that we can. We are getting through the day. The kids are responsible for that. They are both so great. Mia is thrilled each day to go to school, even though we are missing half the day for radiation. She is very happy and full of life. She has been pretty energetic and always beautiful. Andrew also loves school and seeing his friends. He is very active and I think Mommy needs to get back in to shape to keep up with him! He is a very sweet and caring boy. He can’t wait to give Mia her hospital present.

We have been trying to prepare them as much as possible for the upcoming week. Mia takes it all in stride, but I think this will be the most difficult thing she has had to go through so far. We have been telling her about the big scar she will have and that the recovery may not be easy but that one of us will be with her every moment. Andrew understands as much as he can. He was so young when this all started that we never really sat him down at that point to explain things to him. We are trying to give him information little by little and he seems to be digesting it as much as a five year old can. He, of course doesn’t know the whole scope of things, but I don’t think Mia does either. There is no need for them to know all that.

So it is really our kids that are getting us through this. They are worth every day, every minute, all our energy, all our love. All of you are helping too. Even if we don’t know what we need, we know that you are all ready to help with anything. So, please forgive us if we don’t feel like talking right now. Someday we will and we know you will be there. Thank you.

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