While Mia was off treatment this fall, we were able to make a trip to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. We had a whirlwind week but were able to spend time with family and friends. We had a great day at cousin Matty’s lovely house with doggies McCabe and Kona too. Thanksgiving at Mama and Papa’s was full of fun with cousins Steven, Mark and Jason and we also were able to see cousins Ryan, Alexa and Kayla. It was quite a busy trip but lots of fun.

Even after finding out our bad news, we decided it was very important to keep our plans for the Christmas holidays. We spent Christmas in Toronto at Grandma and Granddad’s house with cute one year old cousin Abigail. Then we traveled to Lake Placid, NY where cousin Matty has a beautiful new mountain house. It was great to exchange gifts in person with our cousins this year. The drive home was long and tiring, but the kids were excellent, as always.

We rang in the new year quietly, as our hearts were heavy with the uncertainty of what this year would bring. On this bittersweet Christmas we would remember the children’s happiness and joy. We would remember the gathering of family and sharing of family love. We would remember the kindness and generosity of friends. We would remember the happy times especially with family and friends. Just tonight Mia said that it’s fun to remember fun times. And she has many fun memories. One time when we were all lounging in our bed one Saturday morning, Mia said, “I was just thinking that this is my life right here. And it is good.” With all she has been through, she is happy.

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