The kids are both loving school and they are doing very well. We have conferences for both tomorrow, but we are sure they are top students!

Andrew really enjoys kindergarten and is eager to learn. He is learning his letters well and really shows an aptitude for math. He is at the stage where he is telling us what letter words start with and asking us how to spell certain words. He is doing some simple addition and subtraction and counting by twos and tens. He is in a class of seven kids in a full day program at the same day care where he has been since an infant. We are so thrilled with how he is doing.

Mia just loves school. She loves her teacher, she loves her class and she loves to learn. Things aren’t as difficult this year for her because she is less exhausted without chemo and she is not missing as much school. She does get quite a bit of homework in third grade which is somewhat challenging since she is a bit tired when she gets home after a full day. We are watching her progress carefully though, due to expected learning and memory side effects from cranial radiation.

In addition to school, the kids each have a great group of friends and enjoy their play dates. We have also had a very busy fall with Andrew playing on his first organized soccer team and Mia starting horseback riding therapy. They both are crazy about their new activities. Halloween was also a lot of fun and the kids’ costumes looked great!

Daddy did not do so well during his last soccer game of the season. We should get the results of the MRI on his right knee tomorrow. Ugh! He is currently in a knee brace and is still a bit uncomfortable. Mommy was totally stressed out studying for the pediatric board exam in order to remain board certified. Luckily she just found out that she passed and is off the hook for another seven years.

Next comes the hustle and bustle for the holidays and we hope we will be able to enjoy all that. We have much to be thankful for, especially all of you.

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