Disney is such a wonderful place! It really is one of the happiest places on earth! We had such a great time! And we didn’t need to think of doctors or hospitals or anything while we were there. The characters spent extra time with us – they were so nice. The kids really enjoyed themselves, except maybe we’ll think twice before taking Andrew on Dinosaur again!

After she felt better from her major illness, Mia had a great princess birthday party with her best friends. They really are a lovely group of girls. Even though it was sort of a “bummer summer” for her, Mia felt fairly well and had lots of play dates. We also tried to find some fun family things to do like movies, mini golf, the library, petting zoo, pottery painting, Six Flags Great America, and the Renaissance Faire. We are also expecting a visit from cousin Matty in a couple of weeks!

Andrew turns five tomorrow! I can’t believe it. He has become quite the social guy and has lots of friends in the neighborhood and at daycare, where he spends most of his days. He already had a Spiderman birthday party with the boys who were all very well behaved! But later that evening he developed a fever and ended up with mono! He was quite ill for a couple of days then improved rather quickly. He still felt well even when diagnosed with pneumonia later that week! He is doing fine now and is back at school. And for once he is sleeping really well!

Mommy and Daddy had the opportunity to return to NJ for our Pascack Hills High School reunion. How many years is it? We had a fantastic time! It was great to see friends and classmates and to reconnect old bonds. We thank all of you for your support and prayers. It was so much fun that I hope we don’t have to wait another 10 years for another! It was good for us too to have a little time for ourselves, but we still missed the kiddies even though we were only gone for 24 hours!

The kids are both getting ready for school. Andrew will start kindergarten at the day care just like Mia did. It is a very small class with the teacher present for the whole day. We are very happy Andrew can stay in his familiar place of comfort and caring for a little while longer while our lives are still chaotic. Mia is thrilled to have Mrs. Kelley for third grade (Mia’s first choice! Hi Kourtni’s mom!) And her good friend Julianna will be in her class too! Yay! She is so excited to start school. And of course she looks forward to seeing Mrs. Slowinski in the halls. We hope Andrew has you for MAC too! Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to the first day of school too because the kids love it so much.

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