Well, it has been a very busy spring for us in Crystal Lake, with all happy and fun things! It started with a surprise visit from cousins Doreen and Lisa from New Jersey. We had a great afternoon visiting Mia’s school for “Book Bash” and bringing Andrew home early to have fun together.

We finally had a good enough break in Mia’s chemo schedule to make that long-awaited trip to Canada to see our new baby cousin, Abigail. She is happy and healthy and just adorable with her bright blue eyes and rosy cherub cheeks! While we were there, she turned five months old and she also received the sacrament of baptism. Mia and Andrew loved playing with her and making her giggle. It was a wonderful visit!

Next we had an exciting visit from Aunt Etta, Sharon and cousins Steven, Mark and Jason for a fabulous Easter weekend! We had lunch with the Easter Bunny, egg-decorating fun and Easter crafts, an Easter morning egg hunt, a mini golf escapade, a pizza party at Nick’s (of course!) and just a great time with everyone! Andrew was glad to have a bunch of boys to run around with! We were so glad everyone could join us.

Then there was more excitement as we celebrated Mia’s First Holy Communion. She looked so beautiful in her dress and was the first down the aisle at church so she could deliver the greeting speech! We were joined by all the grandparents and Uncle Rob, Aunt Anne, Danielle, Eric and cousins Ryan and Alexa from NJ. Mrs. Meihls also flew back after moving to Utah to be here for Mia’s special day! We had a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate, and made another visit for Nick’s pizza. We were all so proud of our Mia and we were happy to have visits from all.

With all this activity we need a vacation to rest and relax! Well, I don’t know about the resting and relaxing part, but we leave for Walt Disney World tomorrow! The kids (and us grownups too) are so excited and after a week of rain and a week more rain ahead, we can’t wait for some Florida sunshine! We made our own autograph books for all the characters we will meet and have lots of fun things planned! We are packed already and ready to go!

We will arrive back home just in time for Mia’s birthday, but we will postpone it for a bit to make room for chemo and so we can catch our breaths. Before we know it, it will be time for Andrew’s birthday too! What a lovely time filled with all good things. All good things are good.

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