The Edge’s are trying to keep our lives as normal as possible for all of our sakes. Things may be a little easier now that radiation treatments have ended. We hope that Mia will be feeling well enough to go back to school at the end of the week. We are trying to keep up with our daily homework and journal for school, especially since kindergarten graduation is coming up June 4! Mia’s teacher and our friend Ms. Robyn has been wonderfully supportive throughout this difficult time. Mia has also been planning her Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn party for her 6th coming up this month!

Andrew has been at school daily and he has been enjoying himself. He is the most adorable little boy in the whole world (sorry everyone else!) and he is very attentive to his sister, as he knows something is not quite right. Since she is feeling better now, he is however testing how much a two year old can get away with, both with Mia and with us. He is so cute though, even when he is pesty, that it is hard to be angry with him. The other day when Mia was sleeping after a hospital visit for chemo, Andrew wanted to see her immediately when he came home. He quietly lay down beside her, kissed her cheek, and said “I luzz you Mia” with a hug.

Andrew has also been spoiled by having lots of playmates in house guests these past few weeks. Mama and Papa were here the last two weeks, Uncle Stu and Aunt Sarah are here now, and Grandma and Grandad will be here for Mia’s birthday. We even had a visit from Uncle Mikey and we hope next time Aunt Toni and cousin Matty can come too! We of course miss all our loved ones who are far away, and we welcome your correspondence, thoughts and prayers, which help keep us all connected and strong.

Michael has been back at work for the last several weeks and Adrienne is still at home. Both the offices have been just fantastic both individually and on the whole. We feel so loved like there is a gigantic hug around us constantly.

Our friends and neighbors have been incredibly wonderful, providing dinners, helping hands, shoulders to cry on, and supportive and loving friendship. The kids’ school has also been fantastic with their love and support. They sponsored a fundraiser at Pizza Hut called “Make Magic for Mia” and it was very successful. The music and motion teacher is also sponsoring a large event for Mia and a little boy with a brain tumor at another school. It is going to be called “Splash-tacular” and will be taking place at a local pool on Saturday June 19. It sounds like fun and we hope everyone can come!

We will let you know how “Splash-tacular” went at our next update! We love you all.

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