Family News

Family News

Our family has kept us strong during this time of trouble. Here we share what our lives are like while we help Mia battle her cancer.


The Edge’s are trying to keep our lives as normal as possible for all of our sakes. Things may be a little easier now that radiation treatments have ended. We hope that Mia will be feeling well enough to go back to school at the end of the week. We are trying to keep up with our daily homework and journal for school, especially since kindergarten graduation is coming up June 4! Mia’s teacher and our friend Ms. Robyn has been wonderfully supportive throughout this difficult time. Mia has also been planning her Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn party for her 6th coming up this month!


At the end of May was Mia’s 6th birthday party. She was very thin and weak from radiation at the time of the party, however, she did not want to postpone the party and enjoyed herself as much as possible. Grandma and Granddad were here and it was a highly successful and fun Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn birthday party. “Splashtacular” was an event at a local pool and water play area, which was organized by Mia’s Kid Rock teacher and the teachers at her school. It was a lot of fun with some really cool prizes and fireworks at night! We were overwhelmed by the gestures of caring and kindness.


“I not sree years old, I sree.” So says our big boy Andrew. He had a wonderful Bob the Builder three year old birthday party. Lots of his friends were there, along with a rock hunt, treasure rocks, chocolate rocks and a big dump truck cake. It was a lot of fun and Mia loved helping to get everything ready, even starting a couple of weeks before.


Mia and Andrew had a fantastic Halloween, even though two days before Mia had a bone marrow biopsy. She walked 10 houses down the street and 10 houses back up the street, not wanting any help. I think Andrew was more tired than she was, after a while he couldn’t even carry his pumpkin full of treats! They were dressed as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story 2 and they both looked adorable (photos to follow). Mia even has a sweet tooth back (although it is almost ready to fall out)! She has not wanted any sweets since February until just recently. It seemed to have started with a delicious, still warm, melt-in-your-mouth apple cider doughnut from the pumpkin patch. She savored the whole thing and we have since been to many other pumpkin patches.


Here it is Ali Meihls! Finally! Is it March already? I can’t believe that since the last update we have passed the holiday season, a milestone in Mia’s care, Mom starting work again, and yes, surgery for Andrew.


I can’t believe school is out already! Mia is now officially a second grader! She just loved school this year and made some wonderful friends.


Well, what can we say? We are back in the routine of doctor visits, chemotherapy, vomiting and feeling terrible overall, and hospitalizations.


I know, I know. It’s been a while, but here I am finally. I figure I get my act together about every three months to write updates. I did intend to write sooner to tell everyone that we had a great Christmas. So…we had a great Christmas! It was peaceful and happy with good food and family.


Well, it has been a very busy spring for us in Crystal Lake, with all happy and fun things! It started with a surprise visit from cousins Doreen and Lisa from New Jersey. We had a great afternoon visiting Mia’s school for “Book Bash” and bringing Andrew home early to have fun together.


Disney is such a wonderful place! It really is one of the happiest places on earth! We had such a great time! And we didn’t need to think of doctors or hospitals or anything while we were there. The characters spent extra time with us – they were so nice. The kids really enjoyed themselves, except maybe we’ll think twice before taking Andrew on Dinosaur again!


The kids are both loving school and they are doing very well. We have conferences for both tomorrow, but we are sure they are top students!


While Mia was off treatment this fall, we were able to make a trip to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. We had a whirlwind week but were able to spend time with family and friends. We had a great day at cousin Matty’s lovely house with doggies McCabe and Kona too. Thanksgiving at Mama and Papa’s was full of fun with cousins Steven, Mark and Jason and we also were able to see cousins Ryan, Alexa and Kayla. It was quite a busy trip but lots of fun.


Please forgive us if we do not answer the phone or return your calls. Some days we just don’t feel like talking. But we know that you are there for us and that you care and that we have your prayers. Thank you so much for all of that. We know that through all this we have been blessed to have so many of you with us.

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Family News

Our family has kept us strong during this time of trouble. Here we share what our lives are like while we help Mia battle her cancer.


Helping our daughter fight this thing is hard. Here you can read our personal observations on the situation.